Photo of Margaret Goodell

Margaret Goodell

Baylor College of Medicine

Houston, Texas

The focus of the Goodell Lab is the basic mechanisms that regulate hematopoietic stem cells, and how their misregulation leads to leukemia development.

Photo of John Horton

John Horton

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Houston, Texas

I am a structural biologist with experience as an academic researcher and teacher with outstanding technical capabilities in all aspects of X-ray crystallography, molecular biology, biochemistry, and bioinformatics.

UCSB Faculty Collaborators

Photo of Tom Pettus

Tom Pettus

Chemistry and Biochemistry
Our research program pursues new methods and strategies for constructing architecturally complex tetramic acid derivatives.

Photo of Galen Stucky

Galen Stucky

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Organic/inorganic interface chemistry including the molecular assembly of material systems with integrated nanoscale to macroscale functionalities.